Ecomevent has developed a real know-how in the organization of large-scale conventions and seminars. Specialists in logistics and meticulous attention to detail, we have ensured the success of several conventions with up to 2000 participants.
Depending on your needs, we coordinate all the services for the smooth running of the event as well as a wide range of services ranging from the welcoming, the unfolding, the scenography to the management of the translators on site.
Our team of experts will also assist you in setting up the protocols required for security, badging and speaker coaching.
We work closely with our clients' marketing and communication teams based on their corporate culture. We listen to understand the issues at stake and propose the appropriate format in terms of content and budget allocated to the operation.
We offer original and unique concepts to create and orchestrate events - both internal and external to the company - in venues in line with the theme and objectives.
By studying the universe of the brand, the designer and the collection, we set up scenographies and atmospheres inspired by their work.
We assist the brands in the realization of their fashion shows by taking care of all the logistics: model casting, rehearsals, backstage management, make-up, hairdressing, scenography and choreography.
We ensure the management of your events intended for the general public, from the strategic part and the preparation to the realization and post-event follow-up.
We turn your ideas into operations with high media and sector impact.
After a briefing from you, we propose a set of recommendations in line with your company's values and objectives.
Our team submits you a complete process including all the professional services (logistic, technical, artistic) that will intervene during your operation, under our supervision.
Urban signage, security measures, obtaining administrative and legal authorizations, ticketing, scenography, VJing, backstage.... We accompany you from A to Z!
Thanks to our team of qualified scenographers, we create the ideal design for your exhibition booth that will showcase your products and services to set you apart from the competition.
Getting to know each other better in order to work better together.
We offer you the opportunity to live new experiences to strengthen the bonds between your collaborators and consolidate the cohesion of your team, essentially based on empathy.
We take care of setting up programs through activities, workshops, coaching, but also unforgettable moments of relaxation in unusual places. All this to develop performance and improve skills.